August 2015 :: Sarah Jean

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SarahI can’t thank the CrossFit Matters community enough for what you have done for me! I’m blessed every single day to wake up and spend it with you such wonderful people every morning and leave wanting to die but feeling accomplished! Thank you for the recognition!

1  ::  When did you start at CrossFit Matters and how did you learn about CrossFit? – I started CrossFit May of 2014 when Nathan introduced me to CrossFit Matters.

2  ::  What is your CrossFit theme song? – My theme song is Hood Go Crazy by Tech N9ne or any of the edm/techno music that comes on.

3  ::  How and why does CrossFit matter in your life? – CrossFit matters to me because it changed my life for the better. Mentally and physically it has made me stronger. It has taught me to live a healthier lifestyle and to challenge myself every day. Through CrossFit, I have met such amazing, positive people and we have become life-long friends. I know I am more conscious of what I do with my body in every day life, as well as what I put in it to make me healthier and stronger.

4  ::  What is your favorite movement/WOD and what challenges you? – My favorite WOD would be Fran because I’m always getting better and faster at it.

5  ::  What movement challenges you the most? – Those damn pull-ups challenge me the most. One day I’ll finally get one though!

6  ::  What is your guilty non-CrossFit pleasure? – My guilty non-CrossFit pleasure is going out to Westport or Updown with friends. Then get recovery brunch the next morning.

7  ::  What have been some of your achievements since starting and what are your ambitions moving into summer 2015? – My ambitions consist of staying consistent with CrossFit and applying my work ethic daily. As well as increasing all my weights and trying to complete workouts as RX. Every day, I am trying to perfect my technique and I get excited when the lift feels smooth and effortless. My goal is to one day compete, whether scaled or on a team.

8  ::  What is something you would encourage someone considering CrossFit? – I always try to encourage people to try CrossFit because it has brought so much positivity to my life. One of the great things is you scale it to you, so you’re just competing with yourself, and to experience the excitement that you have when you are finally able to get certain lifts or workouts you might have struggled with.

9  ::  What is something others may not know about you? – Others might not know, that prior to CrossFit, I had never touched a weight before. Over the course of the last five years, I have lost over 125lbs, ended a bad relationship and moved to Kansas City without knowing a single person. My brother Nathan encouraged me to check out CrossFit Matters and I immediately found a home with the positive and welcoming environment. Through the CrossFit community, I began to experience a new positivity in my life and I started to see the good in people again!

10  ::  What is your most memorable CrossFit experience? – My most memorable CrossFit experience was doing the CrossFit Classics series with my friends. It is such a wonderful feeling to have people cheer for you while meeting more people from different class times. I never would have thought I could have completed those workouts but I challenged myself.

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