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toyaThe changes I have made for CrossFit mostly affect my “social life” and my eating habits. I hardly go out and party or drink at all because I would hate to waste all the hard work, or most likely because I will workout the next day, and who wants to workout hung-over? I learned about Paleo before I started CrossFit so the effects of that and CrossFit together are awesome! My life pretty much revolves around CrossFit. If I am not in class or studying, I am probably at the CrossFit gym. It becomes an obsession so quick! And it’s like its own language. You can’t just talk about CrossFit to the average Joe, because they have no idea what you are saying and do not understand the point or the terminology. Yet, you love it so much you just talk about it anyway and forget that they’re confused. What keeps me motivated is the fact that there is always a goal, always something you can do better, always something ELSE out there for you to master in CrossFit.

1 :: How did you learn about CrossFit and when did you start with CrossFit Matters? I learned about CrossFit through a professor who taught a class about the Paleo “lifestyle.” After I got hooked on that, she connected me with her husband who told me about the basics of CrossFit, then told me to look for a gym for an intro class. I went to google and typed in “CrossFit in Kansas City,” and I have been at CrossFit Matters ever since! I started in September of 2012.

2 :: What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit Matters workout? Thoughts after my first CrossFit workout: CRAAPPPPPP my life is about to get real!

3 :: What matters to you about CrossFit? What matters to me is that it is not like any other sport, or any other team association. CrossFit is not about bragging and boasting, or bringing people down. I love that everyone is so positive and there is always encouragement in the room. It also matters because it is something you can SEE gains in. Through benchmarks, heavy weight, or even form and flexibility, you can physically see your progress.

4 :: What is your favorite movement/WOD and what challenges you? Favorite movement: Pull-ups and cleans. Favorite WOD: Definitely burpee dodgeball. Least favorite: Wall balls. Wall balls are the absolute worst, therefore, I hate Karen.

5 :: What is your guilty non-CrossFit pleasure? Guilty non- CrossFit pleasure: Mint Chocolate chip shakes!

6 :: What have been some of your achievements since starting and what are your ambitions for the last part of 2013? One of my first achievements was the kipping pull-up. I was so pumped. I wanted to just do pulps all the time. Over the summer I got my first muscle up and learned butterfly pull-ups. Before the end of the year I would like to get at least 5 unbroken muscle ups.

7 :: What is something you would encourage someone considering CrossFit? I am always endorsing CrossFit, but everyone I come in contact with thinks they are not good enough. CrossFit is not something you have to be “good enough” for. I try to explain this to them in as many ways as possible, then show them the picture of 70 year old Frank doing a front squat.

8 :: What is something others may not know about you? Something others may not know about me….. I am the president of the Rockhurst Honors Program! I’m actually a major nerd and care way too much about my grades.

9 :: What is your most memorable CrossFit experience? One of my memorable CrossFit experiences… One time we were working on push jerk technique and I jerked the bar straight into my chin. I had a memorable mark on my chin for abou

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