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Brit1 :: I started at CrossFit Matters on December 2, 2013. My faux big brother, Ben Beerman, told me all about it, and he told me I could do it. I believed him…thank God I believed him!

2 :: I have MANY CrossFit theme songs, depending on the day of the week. But my first was “Lifeline” by Angels and Airwaves. And I still find myself gravitating towards it on a regular basis.

3 :: CrossFit matters to me because it’s one of the few things in my life that challenge me. I love challenges! Also, sometimes it makes me feel like I’m in a movie. A movie filled with superheroes. And that’s pretty cool.

4 :: My favorite movements are ANYTHING WHERE I GET TO HOLD A BAR FULL OF WEIGHTS OVER MY HEAD. It really makes me feel like I can do anything. Within reason.

5 :: There are several “challenging” movements for me. One is the Overhead Squat. Which is understandable because you have to make your body do things it’s pretty sure it can’t do. The other two movements that are “challenging” for me are Box Jumps, and the Dastardly Double Unders. I’m dyspraxic…which means it will take me YEARS to learn these two movements. YEARS. But you can bet your Cheerios that I’m gonna keep trying.

7 :: Well, my main goal was to lose weight. I’ve lost 55 pounds since starting CrossFit. My secret goal was to be able to get on my horse from the ground. I didn’t even attempt it for the first six months. Then when I did, I nearly flew off the other side, I had WAY to much oomph. Hello, Box Stepups! And thank you. My newest goal is to get jacked guns by Halloween. Specifically, 15 inches. Don’t ask why, it’s silly. BUT, I just got measured on the 1st of the month…15.5 inches! Boom. As far as the rest of the year, I have ADD, and can only concentrate on this question for so long. All I know, is the sky is the limit!

8 :: I’m constantly “encouraging” (hounding, badgering, pestering, really) my friends/clients/roommates/my client’s roommates/gas station attendants/police officers/the hottest professional I know, a firefighter (literally the hottest!)/my car detailer/my motherly doctor/her assistant/her receptionist/my dentist/my hay guy/his wife to try CrossFit. Usually the conversation starts out about food, and how they REALLY want to start eating better. I always tell them, “CrossFit will make you hungry for all the right things.” It’s really true.

9 :: I have no family. At least, on paper I have no family. I’m a ward of California. Off the paper, and outside the lines, I have a HUGE family. The best kind. I have a collection of moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins, twice and thrice removed. Oh, and a grandma! Also, I have OCD. And it’s super frustrating when the reps can’t be evenly divided.

10 :: My most memorable experience at CrossFit Matters, was when someone walked up to me in April of this year, and stuck her finger right in my chest, and said, “I see nothing but strength…you are a powerhouse waiting to happen.” I never forgot that, and I never will.

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