October 2015 :: Jenn Clipp

 In Athlete

1 :: When did you start at CrossFit Matters and how did you learn about CrossFit? – I started CrossFit Matters in February 2011. My friend Heather had been telling me about CrossFit for sometime, and even looked up a gym in Prairie Village (your old spot) to try to convince me to join. Not long after, I was driving home and passed your new location, so I gave you a call the next day!

2 :: What is your CrossFit theme song? – Wow, I don’t know if I have a theme song, but really enjoy working out to rap mixes. Kevin and Jim always have legit play list.

3 :: How and why does CrossFit matter in your life? – CrossFit matters for so many reasons. I have always worked out and belonged to a gym, however, once I joined Matters I realized I wasn’t in that great of shape…it was very humbling, and quickly hooked! One of the cool things about CrossFit in general is the fact that you can continually track your improvement. Benchmark workouts are always you against you and I like that…unless I’m working out with Jacob or Doug, and then I have even more motivation to put up a good number. Ha, but seriously, it has been a huge personal achievement to make the gains I have physically and mentally over the years. I really like the consistent encouragement to get better, and stronger.

Another important piece of CrossFit goes beyond myself and my personal gains, but has everything to do with community and friendships that I’ve developed over the years. As I get older, I have a better perspective of how precious time is, and how hard it is to fit every person/friend/family etc. into an already packed schedule, but that’s one of the cool things about CrossFit I get to work out along side my friends almost everyday. I’ve developed some of the closest friends anyone could ask for, and I get to see them all the time. It’s so fun to walk into the gym everyday, chat with friends and then work hard along side them in a grueling WOD.

4 :: What is your favorite movement/WOD and what challenges you? – I LOVE Burpees, Overhead Squat, and Pistols. My favorite benchmarks are: Bran, Nancy, Helen and FRAN

5 :: What movement challenges you the most? – Pretty much everything challenges me to some degree…especially DL & SDLHP. They just make me angry. C&J heavy weight is challenging

6 :: What is your guilty non-CrossFit pleasure? – Ummm, binge watching Netflix with Kevin and ordering takeout food while cuddling on the couch with my dogs.

7 :: What have been some of your achievements since starting and what are your ambitions moving into summer 2015? – Achievements have been PRs on all of my benchmark WODs. Coming back from 2 injuries and making gains, feeling stronger. Ambitions: I would like to C&J 155, I feel like this is standard for women in competitions now, along with muscle ups

8 :: What is something you would encourage someone considering CrossFit? – Just. Do. It. CrossFit encompasses so much that most of the folks that start find something in it that makes them happy. I have witnessed so many different types of people who walk through the door blossom physically, mentally, and have found new friends with like minded people…it has truly been a cool thing to watch people grow in so many ways, including myself. Like most things it isn’t for everyone, but I know that our community is welcoming and encouraging to any new member…we’ve all been there!!! Just stick with it, and remember you will get out of CrossFit the time and hard work you put into it.

9 :: What is something others may not know about you? – Umm, I don’t know, maybe that I enjoy reading. Also, I have a ton of Nieces and nephews…over 20 & most of my siblings are over the age 50

10 :: What is your most memorable CrossFit experience? – So many good memories, but my favorite was competing in HOA last year. We had a great team and I learned a lot from that competition!

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