October 2016 :: Blaine Balderson

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1 :: When did you start at CrossFit Matters and how did you learn about CrossFit? – January 2013

2 :: What is your CrossFit theme song? – That depends on what workout we are doing. Rob got me hooked on Danger Zone for a tough metcon, but for a heavy lift New Level by A$AP. Of course in my garage gym I blast rock like Metallica and Pantera.

3 :: What are the rewards/benefits of CrossFit training for you? – For me when I wake up and get to the gym first thing it gets me motivated for the day. I have been working out either in sports or just for myself for a long time. I push myself in the gym because I like to see progress and it fulfills the competitive spirit that still burns inside.

4 :: What is your favorite movement/WOD and what challenges you? – Favorite movement is the snatch. Body weight movements are my nemesis!

5 :: How and why does CrossFit matter in your life? – CrossFit matters in my life because it has fulfilled something that was missing after college football. I was going to 24hr fitness and the globo gyms were great for lifting but I got burnt out. I needed something more after a couple years of just iron. When I started CrossFit it was something different and I could tell that it would be something I would stick with. I found CrossFit matters by just walking in the door after a couple failed attempts around KC. It didn’t take long to know that Jim and the community was something I wanted to be a part of. It is something strange when first thing in the morning you go in and put your body through hell and all you can think about is the next morning you want to do it all over again.

6 :: What is your guilty non-CrossFit pleasure? – Beer. Especially right now with Oktoberfest.

7 :: What are you looking forward to achieving in 2017? – New baby has taken over my world. I am ready to just watch him grow!

8 :: What is something you would encourage someone considering CrossFit? – Walk into it with an open mind. Find a gym that fits you and your way of motivation/coaching. Everyone is different in how they are pushed during a workout and how they are coached through movements to be safe. Take the time to try multiple places to make sure you find the right fit for you.

9 :: What is something others may not know about you? – There isn’t a lot our community doesn’t know about me. The one thing is that I am an eagle scout. It was a great time with my dad growing up and learning a lot about myself.

10 :: What is your most memorable CrossFit experience? – Not only my memorable experiences, but on going. Our community support is huge when it comes to competitions. My first one at I-35 I got to experience what the CrossFit community really was. Every athlete is pushed and cheered on until the end.

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