::  WOD (workout of the day) ::

08/21  ::  DU, P CLN, Ring Dips and Midline with a SH to OH Complex  ::  Get out and enjoy your weekend!

Smile the world needs it!

08/20  ::  BX JMPs and SQs with a SNTCH series  ::  Technique, Consistency then Intensity!

100 Words of Fitness

08/19  ::  DL, Burpees and Pullups with a DL and HSPU series  ::  Tuesday morning baseline WOD (photo below)!! Go as hard as possible each round and watch those split times! Are you measuring your performance? You should be!!

CFM Baseline

08/18  ::  CFM Baseline with a F SQ series  ::  Check out this cool 2015 CrossFit Games highlight video!

08/17  ::  Legless Rope Climb, Thrusters and a 400m Run with a B SQ SNTCH DL series  :: Jim made a Public announcement to help with his accountability, he is starting NO SUGAR SEPTEMBER early!  For those of you that know him, YES, that includes those crappy energy drink things! To help curb the desire, he is trying to drink a galloon of water a day! Do you think he can do it?

While that seems like a lot of water, it is only a liter in the early-to-mid a.m., liter through the lunch time hours, liter throughout the afternoon and a glass and a half for dinner. Seems feasible. If he can, you can! Find an accountability partner and start preparing!!!

No Sugar

08/14  ::  DU, Ring Dips, Burpees, DB SNTCH, DB PRS and C2B with a CLN & JRK series  ::  Do you sabotage your WODs?  Maybe you cherry pick because you do not like a movement or maybe speak negatively to yourself/about yourself and limit your potential.  Pay attention to how you prepare for your workout.  If you speak negatively, try to change the dialogue and crush it!!

carlos-castanedas-quotes-3 internal-dialogue

08/13  ::  Run, Pushups and WB with a KB SW/T2B series  ::  How focused are you with your training? How hard do you push when no one else is around to fire off of? Can you push your limits without music, pre-drink or anything else? Here Meg pushes her limits against the benchmark Nancy. Did she PR? Maybe, maybe not but Meg’s work ethic is never one to be questioned! Meg is focused and determined!!


08/12  ::  CrossFit Games Open 14.3 with a B SQ series

08/11  ::  Nancy with a SNTCH-SNTCH Balance-OH SQ complex  ::  Elements of CrossFit classes starts tonight at 6:30pm.  If you know of anyone who has expressed interest in learning about CrossFit or getting started, this is the best way to started!

Pat Sherwood Quote

08/10  ::  Pistols and G-to-OH with a CLN-SQ-JRK complex  ::  Elements of CrossFit classes start tomorrow, Tuesday at 6:30pm.  If you know of anyone who has expressed interest in learning about CrossFit or getting started, this is the best way to started!


08/08  ::  Nasty Girls with a Weight Lifting Technique series  ::  Remember, Technique and Consistency then Intensity!

08/07  ::  HSPU, DB SNTCH, KB SW and Farmers Carry with a CLN series  ::  Please congratulate the August Athlete of the Month – Sarah Jean!!  ::  Check Wodify for the CFM Run Group on Sunday!

Sarah J

08/06  ::  Sprint, DL and Burpee BX JMP with a PRS and Bulgarian Split SQ series


08/05  ::  P SNTCH and Ring Dips with a SNTCH series  ::  Here is a great video with Chad Vaughn Snatch analysis:

08/04  ::  P CLN, C2B Pullups, Burpees and DUs with a CLN series  ::  Be technical through the CLN series!  ::  Understanding the Importance of Proper Hydrate for Maximum Gains In and Out of the Gym!


08/03  ::  WB, F SQ and T2B with a F SQ and Curl series  ::  Congrats to all of the athletes who competed this weekend and to all the support from the CrossFit Matters community!



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