Rob’s Rant – 15.1 + 15.1(A) – 02/27

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Rob’s Rant – 15.1 + 15.1(A) – 02/27  ::
Happy CrossFit Games season, everyone! Welcome to the triumphant return of Rob’s Rant. I hope to write at least 3 of these posts consecutively. I’m probably repeating a lot of what you watched in the announcement but I did the workout so I’ll tell you how it went.
I rowed 500m on the ski-erg. Then I performed the shoulder warm up. Down and back lunges with a pass through. Then I warmed up snatch and clean and jerk until it felt nice. I kept a sweat shirt on until I was ready to start the workout.
Gear: Nanos. Knee sleeves on the shins. Taped thumbs. Wrist wraps. A hole lot of chalk.
I think at one point during this workout I said something to the effect of “Holy F*ck” to Boyden as she was judging me. As expected, I got hung up on the toes to bar. I think there might be 5-6 athletes in our gym who excel at toes to bar and they will have a distinct advantage in this workout. However, most of us are not very proficient at toes to bar. Therefore, I’d suggest breaking up them up from the very start. The toes to bar is the majority of this workout. Move efficiently and use transition time to rest.
The deadlift weight shouldn’t be overwhelming for anyone. I would use an alternating grip on the deadlift or a hook grip. There is no need to tax your trip doing this movement. The snatch is basically the same. I would be sure to hook grip this movement. It isn’t going to take much energy for most athletes.
Switching between the movement is going to be an opportunity to rest. I’d be sure to catch your breath in between the movements but maintain a steady pace. Set an achievable goal for rounds and reps and get after it! I scored a 115.
Gear: Lifters. Knee sleeves. Taped Thumbs. Wrist wraps. Still lots of chalk.
This workout was more my speed. I rested for about a minute and a half while I switched out shoes. At best, athletes are going to get 4 pulls in the 6 minutes. I hit 205 to start. I would put a weight on the bar that you could hit at any point without any question. I then hit 235, 255, 270. For anyone that is curious, 270 is my one rep max.
I used a squat clean and a push jerk. Focus on maximizing hip strength. You’ll be fatigued and your grip will be shot. The only way to move considerable weight is to use every ounce of hip power you can. Again, grip is going to be smoked, be sure to use a hook grip for the clean portion of this workout.
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