Rob’s Rant – Rx Button – 09/08

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::  Rob’s Rant – Rx Button – 09/08  ::

Lets get started! This week’s topic is the Rx button.  CrossFit is unique, the better an individual gets at CrossFit, the harder CrossFit becomes.  The weights increase, the reps increase, and the movements become more complex.  One of the uniquest aspects to CrossFit is the Rx designation.
The Rx designation is something that is earned.  Clicking that hallowed button means an athlete performed the prescribed workout exactly as written.  The appropriate number of repetitions, amount of weight, and in the a lotted time.  At times, I have seen athletes at our gym click the button who haven’t really earned that designation.
Seeing an individual prematurely click the Rx button upsets me for two reasons.  First, it is dishonest to you, the athlete.  It is paramount that a person understand their abilities and their weaknesses.  Pretending to Rx a workout is only a misrepresentation of your abilities. Second, it is unfair to other athletes.  It is always a pleasure to see an athlete hit a new PR in an Rxed workout.  It always awesome to see an athlete complete a a new benchmark WOD Rxed for the first time.  Be honest to your self and honest to your community.
That is not to say there is ANY shaming in scaling a workout.  Just yesterday (9/2) I scaled the 800m run because my ankle was bothering me and I didn’t run to aggravate it during the run.  This decision to scale the workout to a row allowed me to hit a personal record on my 1000m.  My purpose for telling this brief story is to show that there is no shame in listening to your body and respecting your abilities.  There is no sense putting your body at risk of injury just to earn the Rx designation.
I would love to see every athlete in our gym consistently “Rxing” every WOD.  However, it is important for every athlete to understand their abilities, know their weaknesses, and listen to their bodies.  There is never any shame in dropping the weight, using a band, or modifying a movement.  All of our coaches are ready, willing, and able to help you work towards that Rx designation.  Please, please, please, don’t prematurely click the button. Work for it.
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