Success Stories


Successes in the athlete’s own words:

  • “My name is Andrew and I am 50 years old. With a dangerously high cholesterol count of 330 my doctor put me on Crestor. For decades I have taken my pill everyday, and managed to lower my count to 250. Still high. The day I walked into his office with a 175 count, he had to know the reason for the sudden drop. All I said was “CrossFit” It took 3 months of 3 day a week workouts to do what thousands of dollars worth of pills couldn’t.

    It’s been 2 years now since I started CrossFit and I am still improving. Every person’s body is as unique as their DNA. As a child, I had one of my lungs removed and CrossFit is the best method I have found to keep my stamina going. I have never run a 5k race before until last month. Out of roughly 300 people, I finished it the top 10% It didn’t occur to me that I was training for that, for 2 years. I plan to run in more.

    Some days I am ready to quit, walk past a mirror and realize why I don’t. I have more energy, my mind is clearer, and I work harder at my job. Most importantly, my wife and children look at me and are proud. That is something worth sweating for.”

    Andrew S.

    Today, the day of RockFest 2014, I was invited to drop into CrossFit Matters for a 9am WOD. 9am on a saturday is ambitious, usually an open gym or a small class. That was not the case at this morning. At least 20 of us gathered in for a high MetCon WOD, lead by owner Jim Caskey. The box is nothing special to look at, it’s equipped with a rig, plenty of barbells, Rogue bumpers, sleds, concept II rowers… the usual. Where CrossFit Matters shines, is in its coaches and members. I was greeted with smiles and high-fives as i made my rounds. Owner/coach, Jim, made sure everyone knew who I was, my name, where I was from, mentioning it to members personally and extending continued welcomes throughout our group warm up. So let’s talk about the programming.Jim has started CrossFit in ‘09 in his garage, and become an affiliate in 2010. His background is that of track, triathlons, iron-man, cycling and that similar. He has a very competitive spirit and loves crossfit, almost as much as he loves his members. Jim does all his own programming. He was studied major programmers and boxes, such as Competitor’s WOD, Outlaw, etc… and attended camps such as the well respected Pendlay seminar. All this describes Jim’s knowledge and experience, but, doesn’t even begin to tell you the kind of person Jim is. He LOVES his members. His dream is to create a “fit community”. It feels like a family. The constant exchange of laughs, fist-bumps, and “great job, keep going” never stops. He puts his members first and himself and his personal training at a very distant second.Each day consists of a group “warm up”, then “stretching, some dynamic and some skill. He personally favors Spealer rolls and barbell warm up – a progression of deadlift, high pulls, powercleans, squat cleans, strict press, push press, push and split jerk. Safety is key. His priority is keeping athletes healthy, and it shows. Warming up is key, activating muscle groups and preparing the body AND mind for what the upcoming WOD will bring.

    Everyone at CrossFit Matters treated me like family. A family that is strong, supportive, and very fun-loving. I highly recommend this box, this coach, this experience to anyone and everyone, new or highly advanced. Thank you so much for the WOD and amazing experience. A 9am WOD has never been so fun.

    Josh M. (visitor on Tour)
  • 1. What is your favorite memory at CrossFit Matters?  ::  31 Heroes! It was my first time doing a competition, and it was for a great cause.

    2. Why does the CrossFit community matter to you?  ::  It’s a place that I can go to work really hard, have fun and live a happier healthier lifestyle. It is truly a place where so many like minded people come together, and support each other in becoming more fit and strong…both mentally and physically.

    3. How has your life changed since starting CrossFit?  ::  It’s changed in every way, for example, I have physically changed a lot, more confident in myself, differences in what I eat, my strength, endurance, more active in the community (have ran over 10 races), participate in local CrossFit competitions. Overall, just stronger and happier than I’ve ever been!

    4. What have you been surprised by along the way with your CrossFit experience?  ::  My focus and endurance is stronger than I ever imagined. I have learned to live a healthier lifestyle…eating, better understanding of Paleo, and just everyday fundamental movements. One of the most surprising things is I no longer have the back pain I have struggled with for years!

    5. What is your next accomplishment/goal?  ::  I want to continue to work on my technique and endurance. I would like to do a few course races and finish in the top 5%! As far as movement, pull ups and SDLHP

    As always, thank you for all YOU do…you have made a huge impact on a lot of people’s lives, that in itself is such a HUGE accomplishment!

    Jenn S.
  • on his first day at CrossFit Matters, “Yesterday was my first day of Crossfit… in less than one beautifully brutal hour, I found an old rival I’d forgotten about – myself. Courtesy of CrossFit Matters.”

    Everyone of our athletes has experienced positive change within their lives.  What began as the first workout has carried forth with each client’s determination and commitment along with the camaraderie and respect of our community where people at all age levels have become empowered to step beyond their comfort zone and into the light of possibility.

    Ben W.
  • I have been thinking about yesterday’s workout, and it really opened my eyes to something.

    If you have asked me before yesterday if I could improve my sprint time after a workout or if I could do pushups after all those dips, I would have said no way. No shame, it’s just not possible.

    The whole reason I got so excited about CrossFit in the first place was because I was able to do things I was sure weren’t possible. (Pull ups, actually enjoying hard work…) After kicking over so many mental barriers, I figured I didn’t have any more. I’m definitely dreaming big these days.

    But it turns out I’m still saying “that’s impossible” to myself, and I didn’t even know it. I came to the gym because I knew I was reaching the limits of what I could do on my own, and I needed help. You have given me the help I expected (learning my way around a bar, giving me workouts that would push me further) but also the help I didn’t expect.

    Thanks, coach.

  • “Thanks for the warm reception—particularly from someone from New York. You’ve got a great facility, truly a great box with all the equipment. It was awesome being a visitor. More importantly—your coach and founder—is an an extraordinary teacher with a great soul. Jim has got a great attitude, really well versed in his field, and a terrific teacher. I’ve been to many boxes over my travels in the last six months, he’s a uniquely positive individual. Come say hello if you are ever in New York or Hoboken, New Jersey. Would love to for the Midwesterners to embrace our East Coast CF vibe.”

    Much Love Ted, thank you!