Toya’s Tip #1 – “Slow Down to Speed Up” – 09/16

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I know you want to get through the WOD with the fastest time, be first on Wodify, blah, blah, blah, but if you slow down and maintain good form, you’ll get through it faster and more efficiently than going so fast that you can barely control the bar!  On top of that, you’ll probably burn out quicker and have an even slower time.  I constantly see athletes all amped up trying to kill the WOD, but their form is sloppy and it’s painful to watch.  This is particularly common when the workout calls for “lightweight.” Since it’s light, form seems to go out the window.  For example, way back when I did “Nancy,” (look it up if you don’t know… but you should really start memorizing benchmarks :)) I came in from the 400m run, grabbed the bar, which is meant to be lightweight, and started my OHSQ as fast as possible.  I ended up barely staying in my heels, bouncing all around at the top trying to find balance, having to re-find my squat stance every rep, etc.  The next time I came in from the run, I told myself to slow the heck down and to focus on good form.  That round I was consistent each time, and finished that round of squats quicker because I was going slower and was able to control my body.

This is applicable to many things.  I cannot take credit for this phrase, so, shoutout to good ol’ First Watch Restaurant.  As a food server (and in life), we get swamped all at once and the mind is going a million miles an hour.  The best way to get everything accomplished is to SLOW DOWN.

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