Toya’s Tips #4 – Open Season – 02/26

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::  Toya’s Tips #4 – Open Season – 02/26  ::

Open Season!
The Open is here! and all the hype about it. For those old and new, The Open is CrossFit’s worldwide test of fitness. Each week for 5 consecutive weeks a wod is announced, scores are posted, and people are ranked; fitness is put to the test! I questioned various people in our CrossFit community and from other gyms, “How would you describe the CrossFit Open in one word/phrase?” and received the following answers:

“A way to push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of”
“Testing your physical and mental strength”
“Prove your fitness; test yourself’
“Fun, hard, and humbling”
“Leaves you hungry for more”
“Beast mode”
“Great way to build community”

So, I guess my tip to you would be consider signing up! Whether it’s online and against the world or for our in-house competition, “just do it” (another response i received). On top of pushing yourself, surprising yourself, and probably killing yourself, you gain an even greater insight on what “community” is to CrossFit and CrossFit Matters! Sign up and have some fun!

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